Interior Reforestation Co. Ltd.

Interior Seed and Fertilizer

Interior Seed and Fertilizer Services

Interior Seed and Fertilizer has consistently provided quality products and service for the ranching and farming community of South East BC since 1988. We also provide seed and fertilizer for:

  • Golf courses
  • Recreational fields and parks
  • Stream restoration
  • Mining and construction
  • Pipelines and oilfield
  • Municipalities

Interior Seed and Fertilizer offers a large selection of agronomic and native seeds, synthetic and organic fertilizers. Fertilizer is available in mini bulk or bagged as standard or custom formulations. Seed is available in up to 25kg bags and is blended on site. We stock lawn, hay and pasture, and reclamation blends. Hydroseeding mulch is also available in 22.7kg bags.

Interior Seed and Fertilizer can arrange for transportation of our products or our friendly staff can assist you in picking up your products at our new location.

Seed and fertilizer plant

You can choose from our tested blends, modify or create a custom blend suited to your need.

  • Formulated lawn blends packaged in 12 or 25 kg bags
  • Formulated hay and pasture blends packaged in 12 or 25 kg bags
  • Ministry of Transportation specified seed blends
  • Ministry of Forests Trench Restoration Blend
  • Custom seed blends available with 2 day notice


Sold in quantities of 25 kg bags and up, Interior Seed and Fertilizer synthetic fertilizer blends have been tried and tested over the last 28 years to achieve optimal performance. Mike Doggart, Manager, can assist you with choosing a blend of fertilizer that is ideal for your project. We have a large selection of general blends or can tailor a blend to meet your specific requirements.

  • Standard blends for lawn and gardens, pasture, and reclamation in 25 kg bags
  • Blends available in 500 kg or 1,000 kg with 2 day notice
  • Custom blends in 25 kg bags (1 mt minimum with 7 day notice)